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VOC Training (Verification of competency)

VOC Training

(VOC Training) Verification of competency training

Verification of competency process

The purpose of this procedure is to provide guidance to verify the competency of Vortex Education and Clients for the completion on Verification of Competencies (VOC’s). Vortex Education will ensure operators that are licensed will undergo practical and knowledge-based skills assessments to verify competency in their field.
This will ensure operators are familiar with hazards exposed while operating plant and equipment in specific areas.

Types of Verification of Competency (VOC)

Completing the VOC

The assessment can be performed at the candidates own pace. The assessment has an online interactive presentation component that can be used as a reference, and the assistance of the trainer can be arranged for further explanation and understanding prior to the VOC assessment
Once the assessment has been completed successfully the practical testing is to be completed with a trainer / assessor. It is to include pre-start and functional tests. The candidate assessments must be clearly marked to indicate competency. 

The assessment will be stopped immediately if the candidate presents a danger to themselves, others or the equipment. Operating a machine dangerously would inform the content matter expert that the candidate is not yet competent. Further training would be required before the candidate could undertake a re-assessment.
The assessment will be stopped immediately if the machine or objects are likely to be damaged. This would also inform the Trainer / Assessor that the candidate is not yet competent, and will need further training before a re-assessment can take place.

How competency will be determined

The Trainer / Assessor will assess the candidate’s knowledge and skills with the criteria outlined in the questionnaire. A trainer/assessor has technically checked these training documents to ensure that training requirements have been met.

Successful verification of competency

Upon successful completion of the verification of competency assessment, the candidate’s assessment sheet shall be marked, signed and forwarded to Vortex Education to be recorded.

Currency of Training

VOC refresher training is to occur based on the following requirements:
• High Risk Licence expiry, or five (5) years (whichever expires first).
• Provided that:
• Competence is maintained to the satisfaction of the Supervisor and Plant Operator/ licence holder,
• Plant/ equipment to which original competency applied is not replaced.
All personnel shall complete refresher training with VOC applicable to the equipment that they operate, to maintain their competence.

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